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Cyprus Aware
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Cyprus Aware

New Zelanders solidarity to the victims of racism

World Economic Forum
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Cyprus Aware

Tomorrow Saturday from 9:00 until 13:00 in the beginning of the Ledras and Onasagórou streets (Eleftheria Square):
Event with info-points and a radio live link with the "Aware" for the European Week Against Racism
The Cyprus Refugee Council, the Association of Recognised Refugees Cyprus and Caritas Cyprus are participating as well.

#beaware #europeanweekagainstracism
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Aware Campaign

Information and Awareness


The Aware Campaign gives prominence to the life of refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants and promotes acquaintance and fellowship with them. Through knowledge, information, contact, integration, respect for cultural identity and diversity, the Aware Campaign supports the effort of the Cypriot State to smoothly integrate refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants into society.

You too, can become a participant!


65 000 000

Millions of people have abandoned their homes and live displaced because of war and persecution.

32 500 000

Half of these people are minors. Many of them have lost their families.

21 000 000

A large number of refugees seeks asylum in another country, for a better future.

34 000

Every day 34 000 4are forced to flee their homes in order to escape conflict and persecution.


244 000 000

The total population of immigrants amounts to around 244 million and represents the 3.3% of the total world population.

9 760 000

Europe is the region that has historically welcomed the majority of the world’s immigrants. They account for 4% of the total population.

63 200

Today immigrants in Cyprus are approximately 63.200 people, including 7,000 beneficiaries of international protection.

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