Action Camp at Lesvos – Activists and Refugees Join Their Voices

Local and international activists will meet at Lesvos with refugee activists in an action camp that aims to bring to light the tough situation faced by refugees trapped on the island due to Turkey’s EE agreement.

The organizers of the action camp are the Amnesty International and Lesvos Solidarity. The camp will bring activists from eight European countries to Mytilene along with more than ten local action and activist refugees and it will include a public action on July 21st.

According to Daniel Vails, an Amnesty International campaigner, the increasing number of refugee arrivals and the uncertainty about their future have been accompanied by risks of poor funding and poor reception conditions.

Efi Latsoudi, from the founders of Lesvos Solidarity, said “We unitedly demonstrate that Lesbos residents as well as people from all over Europe are willing to welcome the refugees and not feel they are represented by the inhumane EU policy”.

Amnesty International researchers will spend time with Noori, a new Syrian refugee who is currently detained in Moria after seven months in detention at the police station in Mytilene under wretched conditions. Noori is at risk of becoming the first asylum seeker to be officially reimbursed by Greece on the basis that Turkey is considered a safe country under the EU EE agreement.