“Refugee woman, migrant woman in Cyprus” – Shocking testimonies and experiences of women.

Shocking testimonies and experiences of women, refugees and immigrants were heard during an event devoted to the female refugee and the immigrant woman in Cyprus.

Women from Somalia, Syria, Congo and the Philippines have given their own messages through their experiential narratives, narrating what they have been through until they reach Cyprus, as well as the thoughts and difficulties they face
every day in the local society.

The event took place on 9 July in Nicosia and is part of the broader context of a campaign for information and a series of actions carried out by the Office of the Commissioner for Administration and Human rights and the Aware campaign.

“My door is open to all of you and I am responsible for the readiness of our office to listen to you and to guide you, as well as to mediate your righteous demands,” underlined the Commissioner for Administration and Protection of Human Rights Maria Stylianou – Lottides. Welcoming women refugees and immigrants as well as the audience, M. Lottides, added that the event is a small contribution to support the smooth integration of refugees and migrants into the Cypriot society.

“The general message of the event is the Acceptance, Respect and Integration of all of us, as it characterizes the aim of our campaign”, a project co-financed by the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the Republic of Cyprus, said, the representative of the campaign “Aware”, Irene Theodoulou.

Ester Beatty called on Cypriots to treat people coming from the Philippines and usually work as domestic workers, as equals and not as second-class citizens.

Rema, from Syria, voiced power messages as a single mother woman. She experienced war and after so many years he hopes for a better future and support for all the people who have experienced the vortex of war.

Two unaccompanied minors from Somalia, who have now reached adulthood,  Zulenga and Nasiyo. They shared with the audience the journey they made to reach Cyprus as unaccompanied young girls and the daily challenges and struggles they
are experiencing.

Garcia the young girl from the Congo, came to Cyprus at a very young age, she mentioned that in Cyprus she felt love and acceptance something that helped her achieve her goals. She added that she is an excellent student and athlete and that
she is full of dreams and goals for the future.

The event was completed with an artistic program prepared by refugees. Ibrahim Kamara from Gambia and Sano from Guinea, travelled us through the sounds of djembe drums, following that Robavine Azangu present his own song. In addition to that women from Philippines danced traditional dances and the artistic program ended with Michael N. N, who perform a poem that he wrote himself titled “We’re Here and waiting still”.

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