Italy considers the granting of temporary visa to 200.000 refugees

More than seven thousand immigrants and refugees have arrived recently on the coast of Italy. This has caused an increase in xenophobic phenomena while the Italian government is considering granting a visa to 200,000 refugees.

More specifically, the British press reports that the government of Rome examines this new strategy of granting a temporary visa to two hundred thousand immigrants and refugees who have arrived in Italy, with the main goal of being able to move freely in the various countries of the European Union. According to the London Times, Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Marie Tziro confirmed that this is a potential issue.

According to the Italian press, this action could be based on an earlier European directive, which was adopted after the war in the former Yugoslavia to facilitate the movement of refugees.

It is clear, of course, that this would provoke the strong reaction of many other European countries. Italy, however, as several observers point out, once again notes that there is a lack of solidarity, as countries such as France, Spain and Croatia are reluctant to open their ports.

The whole debate on the temporary visa may, therefore, raise awareness of the problem that Italy faces regarding the uncontrolled migratory flows. It may even help to find a fair European solution that works on the substance, not just on paper.