“Look at me, I am a human like you”

There are 73 young children living in the Kofinou Asylum Center today. Their parents and the people of the Humanitarian Organizations who are close to them, assisting the state services, are teaching them to love Cyprus and its people. They teach them that when they grow up, wherever they find themselves or end up in their lives, they must love this island, which is called Cyprus and 44 years ago, had also war and refugees. “And when they ask what they have in their hearts, they should always say, gratitude for Cyprus and its people.”

At the age of 46, Tatar Dota from Albania, ,has been living for the last two years at the Kofinou Asylum Center. For political and perhaps some other reasons, he cannot return to his home country, Albania, or to Switzerland where he lived before arriving on our island. It’s been several years for his children to see Dora, who was at a military school in his own country, Ali Berisha, but for various reasons he never completed his studies.

Tritan deserves respect because he was the unknown hero on Saturday, February 17, when some episodes took place at the Asylum Center. “That should not have been done. There are problems at the Center, but that should not have been the case. The 73 children and at least 250, perhaps more, people who live here, have no problem with the Cypriot people. We are grateful. I am also a human. I live with the hope of returning to my homeland one day. A mother gave birth to me, like you. I only communicate via facebook to the outside world and my relatives and friends. I’m thankful that Cyprus accepted me. I want to be a friend with you, like you want to have friends. I am a political refugee, Tritan Doda, and you are not in danger of me. Look at me, I’m a human like you. We are not different. I am Tritan Dota and I am looking for a room in Larnaca that the rent will be paid by the European Union. I want to leave the camps of political refugees that I have been living in the latest years. I also want to have my own room at last. “