Homelessness is becoming an increasing issue for asylum-seekers in Cyprus

23 April 2018, Nicosia Cyprus (UNHCR) – A disturbingly high number of asylum-seekers in Cyprus who have fled persecution and violence in their home countries are facing risk of homelessness, destitution and desperation because of critical shortcomings in the national asylum and reception policies. UNHCR is aware of a number of homeless men, women and […]

Cyprus granted protection status to 1300 asylum seekers in 2017

The member states of the EU granted protection status to 538.000 asylum seekers in 2017, while Cyprus has granted protection status to 1300. The 28 member states of the European Union (EU) granted protection status to 538.000 asylum seekers in 2017, 25% less than in 2016, according to the statistic service of the EU, Eurostat. […]

55% of Cypriots considers inclusion measures for migrants as an investment

The majority of  Europeans believe that  integration actions of  immigrants are a necessary long term investment, according to a poll of the Eurobarometer which was published in Brussels. Particularly 69% of  Europeans and 55% of Cypriots believe that integration actions are a necessary long term investment and a similar approach of the analogue projection as […]

Migration and their effect in Cypriot economy

Migration has a misconceived interpretation in economies and the last years the effort of its restriction through stricter actions, becomes more intense. If migration isn’t harmful and if it is beneficial, then why is there a negative reputation around it? The truth is that the nationalist element sometimes creates a negative effect on the idea […]

Interview: Matina Zisiadou – Coordinator of the ‘’Aware’’ campaign

Nobody becomes a refugee by choice. No one leaves his land and life, nobody leaves his for no reason. Desperate people from all over the world-either because of war or due to poverty- look for a better life, safer living conditions, a future that will be different than the one in their countries. Cyprus can […]

PRESS RELEASE: Activities of the Aware Campaign for the European Week against Racism

Last week, the activities of the Aware Campaign for the European Week against Racism peaked, aiming the information and the awareness of the public for issues related with refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers in Cyprus. Through its presence in the media and with its participation to many events, the campaign sent a powerful message against […]

PRESS RELEASE: Institutions, schools and society against racism

The presentation of programs that stand against racism and discriminations was projected by the information and awareness campaign for refugees and immigrants “Aware” during the press briefing that took place at the Journalists House. The Minister of Education and Culture Costas Hampiaouris, at this speech, emphasized the actions that Ministry takes to battle racist phenomena. […]

Berlin welcomes the success of an EU-Turkey agreement in the refugee

“The deal has significantly reduced deaths in the Aegean, and has improved the conditions for millions of Syrian refugees” The success of the EU – Turkey agreement in the refugee to tackle irregular immigration and improve the living conditions of refugee migrants was welcomed by the German government on Monday. “For the German government, this […]

“Look at me, I am a human like you”

There are 73 young children living in the Kofinou Asylum Center today. Their parents and the people of the Humanitarian Organizations who are close to them, assisting the state services, are teaching them to love Cyprus and its people. They teach them that when they grow up, wherever they find themselves or end up in […]

Photography Exhibition: THE ALIEN TRAIL – Making an obscure part of our society visible

The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Associated with the Pierides Foundation [NiMAC] and the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017 organise and present the photography exhibition titled Τhe Alien Trail on Friday, 8 December 2017, at 19:30 at NiMAC. Initially presented in Pafos, the exhibition travels to Nicosia in the framework of the Nicosia Pop-up Festival 2017 […]