“Look at me, I am a human like you”

There are 73 young children living in the Kofinou Asylum Center today. Their parents and the people of the Humanitarian Organizations who are close to them, assisting the state services, are teaching them to love Cyprus and its people. They teach them that when they grow up, wherever they find themselves or end up in […]

Photography Exhibition: THE ALIEN TRAIL – Making an obscure part of our society visible

The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Associated with the Pierides Foundation [NiMAC] and the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017 organise and present the photography exhibition titled Τhe Alien Trail on Friday, 8 December 2017, at 19:30 at NiMAC. Initially presented in Pafos, the exhibition travels to Nicosia in the framework of the Nicosia Pop-up Festival 2017 […]

One year “AWARE”!

One year of information and awareness for refugees and immigrants One year “AWARE”! A year full of childish smiles, joy, optimism, full of messages of acceptance of diversity, and messages condemning racism. Our campaign, co-funded by the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the Republic of Cyprus, was the biggest information and awareness-raising project […]


The “Aware” national campaign which is co-funded by the European Asylum and Migration and Integration Fund and the Republic of Cyprus, with the aim the Public Informing and Awareness about refugees and immigrants, during the running year, invited young people to step up their action by employing their imagination and creative talent and take part […]

Kythira: Frontex identifies a sailboat with 55 migrants and refugees

A sailboat that was carrying 55 immigrants and refugees, with 5 children among them, was identified during a patrol by a Frontex vessel, 15 nautical miles southwest of Kythera. The sailboat, escorted by the harbor, was taken to the port of Kalamata. Refugees and immigrants temporarily detained in the port of Kalamata until the completion […]

REFUGEES DIRECT DOCUMENTARIES FOR REFUGEES – Stories through the eyes of refugees

They are young people from five refugee countries. They learned the art of film making in order to record their own experiences about the refugee crisis. This is the documentary Home new Home, coordinated by Mr. Kostas Spyropoulos. The project is in progress, having now completed 60% of its target. Mr. Spyropoulos said that this […]

REFUGEES CARE CENTER – A care center for refugees in Thessaloniki

At the Refugees Care Center located in Thessaloniki,  refugees and immigrants have the opportunity to swim, wash their clothes, relax with a glass of tea or coffee and some snacks “surfing” on the internet, learn Greek, English or German, acquire some skills while children have their own play area. The initiative belongs to the humanitarian […]

SCHULTZ: ECONOMIC PENALTIES TO THE COUNTRIES THAT REFUSE TO ACCEPT REFUGEES – The proposal by the head of the German Social Democratic Party

An Economic penalty in European countries that do not accept refugees and, on the contrary, additional support to coherent countries, the head of the German Social Democratic Party SPD and candidate Chancellor Martin Schultz asks. Assuming he is elected as Chancellor in the fall,  the German politician wants the function of this issue to be […]

Italy considers the granting of temporary visa to 200.000 refugees

More than seven thousand immigrants and refugees have arrived recently on the coast of Italy. This has caused an increase in xenophobic phenomena while the Italian government is considering granting a visa to 200,000 refugees. More specifically, the British press reports that the government of Rome examines this new strategy of granting a temporary visa […]

Action Camp at Lesvos – Activists and Refugees Join Their Voices

Local and international activists will meet at Lesvos with refugee activists in an action camp that aims to bring to light the tough situation faced by refugees trapped on the island due to Turkey’s EE agreement. The organizers of the action camp are the Amnesty International and Lesvos Solidarity. The camp will bring activists from […]