PRESS RELEASE: Activities of the Aware Campaign for the European Week against Racism

Last week, the activities of the Aware Campaign for the European Week against Racism peaked, aiming the information and the awareness of the public for issues related with refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers in Cyprus. Through its presence in the media and with its participation to many events, the campaign sent a powerful message against racism.

Last Wednesday, a press briefing took place at the Journalists House, where there was a presentation of projects combating racism. The minister of Education and Culture Costas Hampiaouris who attended the conference, welcomed the event with a speech.

Additionally, last Saturday the campaign organized a live link at the Faneromeni Square, in collaboration with the radio station Kanali 6.  At the same time, members of the campaign were informing the public about the migration and refugee crisis by distributing the informational leaflet of the campaign. The head of the campaign, Kyriakos Pieridis, stressed the issue of the unaccompanied children who arrived to our country the last years and the responsibility of our society to protect them. The last years, more than 200 unaccompanied minors reached Cyprus from Syria and other. The President of the Recognized Refugees in Cyprus, Willy Totoro attended the event.

During the week, the short videos of the campaign were promoted by the TV Channels and members of the campaign gave interviews on radio stations, sending a message of solidarity and acceptance.

The “Aware” campaign has a pancyprian range and it includes various communication actions such as, the production of movies and short documentaries, seminars, events and workshops in schools and universities, congresses, lectures and other events.