European Action Week Against Racism “Aware” Campaign with active interventions – Infopoints in Nicosia’s City Centre

On the occasion of the European Action Week Against Racism (16 – 23 March 2019) the activities of the campaign of raising awareness “Aware” for refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants are being extended.

In collaboration with the Cyprus Refugee Council, CARITAS and the Association of Recognized Refugees Cyprus, the “Aware” Campaign organises on Saturday, March 23rd at the beginning of Ledras – Onasagorou street a gathering with an information stand and live stream of relevant radio programme.

The “Aware” Campaign acquires significant purpose since the last two years increase of incoming refugees and asylum seekers has been observed, especially from Syria as well as Africa.

The main aim is for the Cypriot Society to gain objective and exhaustive knowledge regarding the refugee and immigration waves, come in contact with the communities of refugees and immigrants and take part in welcoming them and help them adapt.

The campaign especially focuses in the new generation, journalists and the local society.

Interactive seminars and workshops take place in schools and universities, events, while spreading information and raising awareness through mass and social media.

The new wave of this campaign will last for 18 months with the ultimate goal to strengthen the feeling of acceptance of diversity in a society which for years has been becoming  more multicultural.

The campaign is co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the Republic of Cyprus in order to support the team efforts for smooth integration of refugees and immigrants.

For more information:

Phone no. 22875561-3
E-mail: [email protected]
Find on social Media: @cyprusaware
Be #Aware – Γίνε συμμέτοχος!