Institutions, schools and society against racism

The presentation of programs that stand against racism and discriminations was projected by the information and awareness campaign for refugees and immigrants “Aware” during the press briefing that took place at the Journalists House.

The Minister of Education and Culture Costas Hampiaouris, at this speech, emphasized the actions that Ministry takes to battle racist phenomena. A particular reference was given to the “Behavioral Code against Racism” and the actions for integration of children with a migration background in Cypriot educational system.

The head of the “Aware” Campaign, Kyriakos Pieridis, referred to the outgoing character of the campaign, which is implemented for second consecutive year. Campaign includes, among others, seminars and workshops in the secondary and education as well as universities, media promotion, production of documentaries and other actions that involve youth, which is the main team of interest of the campaign.

The director of the Pedagogical Institute Athena Michaelidou, referred to the efforts that the Pedagogical Institute does in order to educate the teachers on the handling of children who have experienced migration. Mrs. Michaelidou mentioned the importance of these programs, not only for children but also for teachers and parents, especially emphasizing on the actions that are related to the leaning of the Greek language.

Mrs. Christina Markou, Coordinator of the department of Protection of Child in the organization “Hope for Children”, referred to the unaccompanied minors, a category of children who are extremely vulnerable and they have to be protected from the government. Mrs. Markou referred to the hosting place of the unaccompanied children and she presented the adoption program of unaccompanied children in Cyprus.

The “Aware” campaign is a co-funded program by the Asylum, Integration and Migration Fund and the Republic of Cyprus.