The “Aware” national campaign which is co-funded by the European Asylum and Migration and Integration Fund and the Republic of Cyprus, with the aim the Public Informing and Awareness about refugees and immigrants, during the running year, invited young people to step up their action by employing their imagination and creative talent and take part in the big contest “Aware Social Media Challenge!”

In this context, with the main message of Acceptance, Respect and Participation, participants were asked to take pictures or videos on topics such as multiculturalism, acceptance of diversity, mutual respect and anti-discrimination.

The contest was open from the beginning of the campaign until the end of November and all entries were posted by the AWARE group on the campaign’s social media with the hashtags #socialmediachallenge and #cyprusaware. The participations that stood out were the ones that best demonstrated respect and acceptance of diversity and sent in their own creative way, messages against racism.

The decision of the winner and of the three other participations that took second and third place was taken by a five-member committee consisting of Kyriakos Pierides, AWARE Campaign coordinator, Elena Fyentzou, European Union Fund Officer, Yiannos Christoforou, graphic designer Willy Totoro, President of the Association of Recognized Refugees in Cyprus and Christos Polykarpou, producer of Synergia Media.


The winners of the Aware Social Media Challenge are:

1st place: video with images and lyrics of the poem “REFUGEES” by the Christiana Theologou, Giorgos Theocharous, Thea Savva and Irene Zacharias, students of the Gymnasium of Polis Chrysochous.


2nd place: video by students Elli Konstantinou, Christoforos Kyprianou, Marilena Nikolaidou, Orestis Germanos students of Linopetra Lyceum.


3rd place: video with choreography titled “Dramatographia as Thalassographia” by Petria Efthyvoulou, Eleni Chatzantonis, Maya Maria Ofilia Smaltou, Maritini Aresti, Elena Maria Bountai and Elena Tsolaki, students of Gymnasium of Aglantzia.


3rd place: video “What if Costas, what if Hussein” by Evi Christoforou, Theodoros Ioannou, Panagiota Chatzivassiliou, Christina Giannopoulou, Eurydice Konstantinou, Andria Dimitriou, Eurydice Konstantinou, Rafaela Georgiou, Andriani Kaimakliotou, students of Gymnasium of Anthoupolis.


The participations that won the first three places have been posted on the campaign website while the participation that won the first place will be awarded with an honorary diploma titled “Aware Social Media Challenge Award” as part of the renewal of the AWARE program.