20 MILLION REFUGEES ARE MOVING TO EUROPE – In a state of emergency due to lack of food

Under the regime of a substantial food crisis, there are 9 countries with six of them in Africa, where hunger is compounded by civil conflicts, displacement and being led to famine already in four countries, according to the UN. Syria and Venezuela are also included in countries in a state of emergency due to lack of food.

Famine and civil war in South Sudan have created a huge wave of displaced people, many of whom are being immigrated, originally to neighboring countries and then to Europe.

The UN has already declared an emergency situation in Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen, followed by Congo, Angola, and Egypt in Africa.

Inflation, food prices and the lack of basic nutrition and survival, have created a rise in deaths every day. With the limited capacities of neighboring countries, domestic migration is a solution that leads to a swollen crisis, threatening substantially destabilizing sub-Saharan Africa, with what this implies for North and West Africa.

The situation is exacerbated in Syria, despite initiatives for de-escalation zones that the UN is unable to carry out humanitarian missions and a huge portion of the population is starving.