55% of Cypriots considers inclusion measures for migrants as an investment

The majority of  Europeans believe that  integration actions of  immigrants are a necessary long term investment, according to a poll of the Eurobarometer which was published in Brussels.

Particularly 69% of  Europeans and 55% of Cypriots believe that integration actions are a necessary long term investment and a similar approach of the analogue projection as bidirectional procedure not only for  immigrants, but also for the welcoming societies. 37% of Cypriots completely disagree with this question and 8% said that they don’t know. According to the survey, almost 60% of people asked in the EU, daily interact with immigrants. 28% of the Cypriots say that they have friends who are immigrants, 6% have friends and members of their families who are immigrants and 6% say that there are members of their families who are immigrants.

At the same time, the survey finds out that only one minority of Europeans believe that they are well-informed about migration and integration. In Cyprus, 24% say that they are informed about the issues and 4% say that they are well-informed about the issue, 53% say that they have deficient information and 19% say that they have no information about the issue. Additionally, 50% of the Cypriots think that migration is “probably a problem” for the country (38% in the EU), 29% believe that it is both a problem and a chance, (31% in the EU), 10% say that it is “probably a chance” (20% in the EU) and 10% think that it isn’t neither a problem, either a chance (8% in the EU). Similarly, 49% of the Cypriots believe that the integration of the immigrants isn’t successful in the country (40% in the EU).

93% of Cypriots wish to see immigrants being given language lessons when they come to Cyprus, (88 in the EU), 90% wish to see the immigrants being given integration seminars and lessons, or to improve the already existing (85% in the EU), 91% wish registration of the children of immigrants to kindergartens (85% in the EU), 90% ask for compulsory language and integration programs when immigrants arrive to Cyprus, (84% in the EU), 83% ask stricter actions against discriminations (73% in the EU) and 49% want to see immigrants having the right of voting in local elections (55% in the EU). Finally, 83% of Cypriots think that immigrants will help the completion of job offers where local people do not work (72% in the EU), 33% of Cypriots (61% of the Europeans) believe that immigrants enrich the cultural life of the country, 56% of Cypriots believe that immigrants are a burden on the social insurance system (58% in the EU), 69% of Cypriots (55% in the EU) believe that they will intense criminality, 46% (51% in the EU) believe that immigrants will help to the improvement of the financial situation and 65% (39% in the EU) that they will take the jobs of locals.