85 children are in foster families

The need to strengthen the institution of foster care for children in Cyprus was discussed yesterday by the Parliament’s Human Rights Commission.

As Annita Demetriou pointed out, today there are some anachronistic laws, while the whole issue of underwriting is covered by internal regulations of the Social Welfare Services.

At the same time, Mrs Dimitriou noted, the lack of a responsible Coordinating Committee on these issues.

On her behalf Mrs Hara Tamanidou mentioned that there are 339 children under care, of whom 222 are unaccompanied minors. The 157 were moved from their families because of serious neglect or abuse, and 85 of those are in foster families while the 72 are in children’s homes.


Source: http://dialogos.com.cy/blog/85-pedia-vriskonte-se-anadoches-ikogenies/#.WyDTzoozbIV