A new meeting place for refugees and asylum seekers

The Association of Recognised Refugees announced on Friday it had acquired its own space in Nicosia which will operate as a meeting point and a place where refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants can meet each other and express solidarity.

The mission of the New Genesis Centre is to create a community among refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants, the association said, “highlighting their identity, their contribution to the host society and the need to restore their hope and prospect to rebuild their lives.”

The Association of Recognised Refugees participates in the AWARE campaign Respect- Accept – Integrate, for information and public awareness in Cyprus – a programme co-funded by the EU and the Republic of Cyprus.

The association calls on everyone to get in touch with them and participate in their activities at the New Genesis Centre.

They also called for volunteers who can offer items to equip and upgrade the space such as furniture they no longer need, office equipment, decoration, etc.

New Genesis Centre is located on 17 Pericleous street in the old part of Nicosia.

Source: https://cyprus-mail.com/2018/10/20/a-new-meeting-place-for-refugees-and-asylum-seekers/