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A new meeting place for refugees and asylum seekers

The Association of Recognised Refugees announced on Friday it had acquired its own space in Nicosia which will operate as a meeting point and a place where refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants can meet each other and express solidarity. The mission of the New Genesis Centre is to create a community among refugees, asylum seekers […]

Honorary citizenship of the 16-year-old student Datis Amirkalali from Iran was granted by the Minister of the Interior, Konstantinos Petridis

Datis was born in Iran in 2002 and is of Iranian descent. He came to Cyprus with his parents in August 2011 and since then the family has been staying in our country as asylum seekers.  The 16-year-old attends a private school in Nicosia and is a good student. From 2015 he participates every year in the […]

Smugglers are one step ahead

It looks like the cat and mouse game, an endless, that is, chasing of life and death. Refugees and migrants want to come to Europe either because they have been persecuted from their homelands or because they want a better future. In front of them they find closed borders and an increasing aggression. Europe for […]

The dream of Balqees from Somalia

After her graduation from Larnaca Technical School last night, a dream became a reality for the twenty-year-old Balqees from Somalia, who lives as a refugee in Cyprus. “Today a dream I’ve always had become a reality. You might wonder how graduation from high school could be a dream, but for me it is – that […]

Sisters from Cameroon have been admitted to the University of Cyprus

UNHCR calls for Cypriot universities to offer study opportunities to young refugees By Marios Demetriou 18-year-old sisters from Cameroon, Ruddy-Alocha EBUA (Nicoletta) and Edith-Britney Ade (Dimitra) living in Nicosia are waiting impatiently for a beautiful summer, expecting to come in September and begin their studies at the Department of French and European Studies of the […]

Damtew Dessalegne: We need as much as ever refugees

Refugees need us more than ever before, says the representative of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in Cyprus Damtew Dessalegne, stating that we need to combat xenophobia and intolerance collectively. It is the responsibility of everyone, and especially the political leaders, to challenge those who demonize refugees, those who view diversity as […]

85 children are in foster families

The need to strengthen the institution of foster care for children in Cyprus was discussed yesterday by the Parliament’s Human Rights Commission. As Annita Demetriou pointed out, today there are some anachronistic laws, while the whole issue of underwriting is covered by internal regulations of the Social Welfare Services. At the same time, Mrs Dimitriou […]