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Italy considers the granting of temporary visa to 200.000 refugees

More than seven thousand immigrants and refugees have arrived recently on the coast of Italy. This has caused an increase in xenophobic phenomena while the Italian government is considering granting a visa to 200,000 refugees. More specifically, the British press reports that the government of Rome examines this new strategy of granting a temporary visa […]

They took the law into their hands Far-Rightists seek to block immigrants from reaching Europe

Members of far-right organizations, mainly from Germany, Italy and France, chartered a 40-meter boat claiming to fight the uncontrolled immigration. Their purpose is to prevent refugees from reaching Europe by patrolling the coasts of Libya and Italy. The far-rightists claiming that with this action they want to protect Europe named this business ‘We Defend Europe’. […]

A cry of despair from refugees in Greece – «My hope has died since I was brought here»

The “encapsulation” of asylum seekers in concentration camps and detention centres in the Greek islands due to the European Union’s mandate to limit their turnout to other countries leads to rising suicide rates and self-injuries, Human Rights Watch (HRW) warns. “The psychological impact of years of conflict, exacerbated by the harsh conditions in the Greek […]

A Garden Paradise for Refugees in the center of Larnaka

Cypriots and non-Cypriots have come together in the centre of Larnaca to create a new urban garden of earthy delight where refugee families will be able to plant their own vegetables. The Oasis Refugee Project whose work is entirely volunteer/donation-based, first saw the light of day at Larnaca’s Grace Church about five years ago. It […]

Spain: Immigration new gateway to Europe

Thousands of refugees and immigrants who want to reach Europe choose a new maritime route, the one through Spain. Arrivals have more than doubled since the beginning of the year, mainly due to the situation in Libya. Since Wednesday eight ships carrying 380 people have been located off the Andalusian coast of Alboran between Morocco […]


On Friday afternoon, 85 people were found on the coast of Pomos in the district of Paphos, who ended up on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus through Turkey on a ship that left from a Turkish port. Immediately all the competent services of the Republic remained standby while the harbor police rushed in […]

Cardigan residents’ bid to re-house Syrian refugees

Communities across Wales desperate to help displaced Syrian refugees are raising money to fund the resettlement of families themselves. One group in Cardigan, Ceredigion, has raised £12,000 as part of its application to the Home Office’s community sponsorship scheme. The money will be used to help the families set up home and find work. Vicky Moller, […]