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Welcome to Amsterdam’s Refugee Hotel!

In 2015, a shocking photo on the news made Adil Izemrane and Johnny de Mol two friends who each year had a tradition to take part in the frenzied summer parties in Ibiza, to change forever a worldview. The image of a refugee child that was drawn off on a Turkish cost near Bodrun changed […]

Kurdish Family: On a hunger strike for the 37th day

Akid and Ferhad Hasan, two young Kurds who remain outside the Presidential Palace since April 7, 2017, are on hunger strike for the 37th day today. The Hasan family are stateless persons arrived in Cyprus in 2006 from Syria and complain about the collective rejection of their individual applications for the acquisition of Cypriot citizenship. […]

A Refugee Team at Tokyo Olympics 2020!

The International Olympic Committee presented the first group of refugees at the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro last year to raise the awareness of the issue. The 1Omember team from Syria, Congo, Ethiopia and South Sudan, appeared at the opening ceremony as the penultimate before the entry of the Brazilian hostess and the athletes […]