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LIBYA: THOUSANDS OF MIGRANTS IN DETENTION CENTERS – Problem with the country’s borders

Around 7,000 to 8,000 immigrants, mostly from sub-Saharan African countries, have been transferred to about 20 detention centers in Libya, as Abdulazar al-Shinti, head of the anti-trafficking service, told the French Agency. The new center is already detaining 130 juvenile African migrants who were left in the country by smugglers, while they were trying to reach […]

MACRON’S VICTORY BRINGS HOPE TO FRANCE – The agenda for migration of the new French president

Emmanuel Macron won his extreme-right opponent Marin Lepen in the second round of presidential elections in France, accumulating 65.9% of the vote against 34.1% for the leader of the National Front. Macron’s dominance was the second “crash test” for the European Union, after Mark Rude’s dominance at the last Dutch elections. In both elections, the majority […]

ITALY: 3000 REFUGEES AND MIGRANTS RESCUED – Coordinated operations saved their lives

More than 3,000 refugees and immigrants, in twenty coordinated operations, rescued Saturday off Sicily, averting a new tragedy in the Mediterranean. Refugees and immigrants attempted to cross the Mediterranean with boats, having Italy as their final destination. In total, 20 rescuing operations were carried out under the coordination of the Italian coastguard. These operations included […]