“AWARE” Campaign for Refugees and Immigrants:Knowledge and information to fight racism and support the integration process

“AWARE” Campaign for Refugees and Immigrants:

Knowledge and information to fight racism

and support the integration process

With continuous activities for 18 months, “AWARE” campaign has sent messages of solidarity to refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants living in Cyprus.

The campaign started in January 2019 and will be completed these days (end of June 2020). Among many interventions of “AWARE” campaign, the visits and the organization of informative seminars in dozens of schools throughout Cyprus (high schools and universities) stand out. More than 300 young people had the opportunity to talk to refugees and understand their experiences. The activities in the schools were carried out in collaboration with the teachers. “AWARE” team also provided continuous information about the lives of refugees in Cyprus through announcements and posts on social media @cyprusaware and on other media such as TV and radio.

At the same time, “AWARE” campaign organized in collaboration with other organizations, emblematic events and interactive discussions on the importance of the social integration of refugees and migrants. The events around the experiences of women refugees in collaboration with the Ombudsman Commissioner, the contribution of young people to the creation of a tolerant society in collaboration with other NGOs and the event for the role of journalists in the fight against racism stood out.

The message “AWARE” – raise the awareness about refugees, take a stand against racism was highlighted by the presence of refugee artists on the stage of the Youth Festival 2019, in collaboration with ONEK and live streaming broadcast on the occasion of World Refugee Day 2020.

The “AWARE” campaign also participated in the Road Festival 2019 in Faneromeni Square with Cyprus Refugee Council and the refugees and immigrants’ organizations.

“AWARE” campaign is co-funded by the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the Republic of Cyprus.

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