“AWARE” SEMINAR AT LEFKARA LYCEUM – Young people for a world without discrimination and prejudices

The “Aware” campaign team organized a seminar at Lefkara High School, aiming to provide a better understanding of the migration and refugee phenomenon as well as starting a dialogue with young people about combating xenophobia.

The seminar took place on Wednesday, November 6, in collaboration with the management of the Lyceum.

The “Aware” team organized first an informative presentation which was followed by an experiential workshop and different interactive applications on the Internet. The students participated actively in the seminar, raised questions and developed their thoughts on issues that relate to acceptance, empathy and practical support for the process of integrating refugees and migrants in school and society.

The team presented the global migratory flows and the increased flows of the last two years in Cyprus, the ways in which the asylum function operates and explained in further detail the reception and integration processes. Later they had the chance to observe a Greek language strengthening class aimed for children with an immigrant background, whom they had the chance to be acquainted with.

“Aware” information and awareness campaign is co-financed by the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the Republic of Cyprus.

For more information regarding the seminars in Universities and for the campaign contact us at 22875561 or [email protected]

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