“Meet the refugees, listen to their voices”

The AWARE campaign highlights the expectations of refugees and asylum seekers


Refugees and asylum seekers highlighted the need to meet their basic survival needs (housing) but also to participate in integration programs to get to work, benefit from their skills, and teach the language of the host country.

In a Web – Press conference on the occasion of the completion of the ‘’AWARE’’ campaign,            with the participation of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Representative in Cyprus Katja Saha, representatives of refugees and migrants have also pointed that there is a growing trend of xenophobia. During the pandemic, they further aggravated their living conditions and the obstacles they encountered for integration.

The UNHCR representative highlighted the problems created at the First Reception Center for people in need of international protection due to overpopulation and isolation, as well as the need to make the most of EU funding and good practices provided by UNHCR.

The introductory speech of the UNHCR representative and also Cyprus Aware presentation is attached.

The discussion with refugees and asylum seekers focused on issues related to their living conditions, the difficulties during the COVID 19 pandemic, their expectations and their efforts for integration (housing, education, jobs, health, discrimination, etc.).

The AWARE campaign is co-funded by the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the Republic of Cyprus.

You can find the press conference here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhQkp3SoRg0.

For more information: AWARE Team – Rema Beshtawy 99024901 | [email protected]

Press Conference about asylum and migration in Ayia Napa 09.11.2019


The role of Media in effective integration

The media’s role in the media coverage of the refugee and migrant phenomenon was the subject of a press conference under the thematic “social issues” at a conference in Ayia Napa on 9 November.

The presentation and discussion with the journalists were made by the “AWARE” campaign and its coordinator, journalist Kyriakos Pierides. It included individual aspects directly related to Cyprus and the mission of journalists such as:

  • What issues determine valid journalistic coverage?
  • How have the increased refugee flows been dealt with in particular over the last 2 years and what is being done to effectively integrate and combat stereotypes and xenophobia
  • What good journalistic practices can be used to highlight the lives of refugees and asylum seekers based on their experiences from the “Aware” campaign

Dialogue was followed with the participating journalists and representatives of civil society.

The workshop was held as part of a three-day training meeting that also covered key environmental issues. It was also co-organized by Cyprus Friends of the Earth, Terra Cypria, NGO Support Center and Cyprus Center for Social Innovation. The combination of social and environmental issues has given journalists the opportunity to identify issues that require parallel journalistic research and critical approach.

The AWARE Campaign to raise awareness and awareness of refugee and migrant issues is co-funded by the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the Republic of Cyprus.

For more information:

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