Last Seminar: “AWARE” Campaign for Refugees and Migrants:Take a stand against racism!

With continuous information messages and with the aim of fighting xenophobia, AWARE” campaign completes the actions of the period 2019-2020.

The program, co-funded by the European Asylum, Migration, and Integration Fund, lasted 18 months and coincided with the intensification of migration flows in Cyprus and submission of asylum applications.

“AWARE” campaign has contributed to the state’s efforts to keep the public objectively informed and to raise awareness among the local community about the experiences, problems and difficulties faced by refugees and asylum seekers. The message of mutual respect and understanding also concerned other communities of third-country nationals (TCNs) living and working legally in Cyprus, such as economic migrants.

The increase of migration flows in Cyprus is linked to the substantial closure of all other corridors to Europe via the Balkans following the Turkey-EU agreement on migration in March 2016.

During the intense activities of the “AWARE” campaign, informative meetings and seminars were held where journalists, citizens and young people had the opportunity to ask questions and inquiries about the policy implemented in the EU and in Cyprus in particular. “AWARE” campaign has given refugee and migrant communities themselves the opportunity to speak directly to the host community about their problems and expectations. From this recording, “AWARE” campaign finds how important it is to support the services of the state and local government in the process of first reception, hosting and implementation of key integration policies such as education, housing, access to the labor market, familiarization with society and language, the rights and obligations of each person. Also, particularly valuable is the reinforcement of mutual respect through media and the avoidance of rhetoric that intensifies insecurity and xenophobia.

“AWARE” team will remain active in the field of information through its website and social media @cyprusaware.

More information: 22875561-3 | 99024901 | [email protected]