NEW FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE PACKAGE FROM EU TO REFUGEES – € 90 million from Brussels for refugees in three countries

€ 90 million of economic aid was given by the European Union to refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.According to UNICEF’s announcement, the donation was made on World Refugee Day and will be used for the professional education and psychological support of hundreds of young people in refugee countries.

The same announcement also states that the EU has so far helped 200 million Euros for Syrian refugees.

Meanwhile, the head of the EU delegation to Turkey, Ambassador Cristian Berger, visited foreign language schools and Red Crescent training on the occasion of World Refugee Day.

Berger, after stressing the importance for the EU of the Turkish Red Crescent Project, reminded that a third of the Syrian population migrated and that most of the immigrants came to Turkey.

“Today is not only a Refugee Day but also a day of solidarity between the Turkish people and the Syrian refugees,” the EU official said, stressing that with the hospitality reserved by Turkey for refugees, he saved the lives of many of them.