POLAND BLOCKS REFUGEES FROM GREECE AND ITALY – ”No” to refugees from the ruling party leader

Warsaw sends the message to the European Union that the country is not willing to proceed to the relocation of refugees, said the ruling party leader Jaroslaw Kantzinski.

Speaking at the party’s congress, Mr Kandzinski argued that given that Poland has not exploited the countries from which the refugees originate, nor invited them to Europe, it has no moral obligation to host them on its territory.

“We have not taken advantage of the countries from which refugees come to Europe these days. We have not used their workforce and finally, we did not invite them to Europe. We have the absolute moral right to say no, “said the powerful man of the Polish right, according to Reuters.

In mid-June, the European Commission initiated legal proceedings against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic for their persistent refusal to take part in the refugee resettlement program in Greece and Italy. The case may even end up with the European Court of Justice.

Since the relocations have been agreed in 2015, Poland has not accepted any refugee.