Press Release – NEW “AWARE” SEMINAR CYCLE IN UNIVERSITIES Together with young people for a world without discrimination and prejudices.

While refugee crisis being one of the most important issues in public debate in
Cyprus and the rest of the E.U., ”AWARE” team launches another round of seminars in universities on the occasion of the start of the new academic year.

The campaign aims to inform and raise the awareness of young people about refugees and immigrants, the difficulties they face especially in the early stages of their arrival in Cyprus, as well as striving for smooth integration.

The” AWARE” team seeks to provide a better understanding of the contemporary
migration phenomenon in Cyprus and the need for effective management
of the increased flows of asylum seekers and the integration of refugees into the Cypriot society.

The “Aware” Campaign, which runs for 3 years, has been to over 50 schools and universities throughout Cyprus. It has managed to turn the slogan “Be Aware” into engaging students to take in real action against prejudice and racism against hundreds of young people.

During the seminars, the “Aware” team presents objective data, explains the framework of obligations and responsibilities of the host society of immigrants and refugees, opens the dialogue with young people and answers their questions.

Seminars at the universities, are specifically targeted related to the direction of each course in collaboration with academic staff.

The” AWARE” information and awareness campaign is co-funded by European
Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the Republic of Cyprus.

More information on seminars at Universities and about the Campaign at
22875561 or at [email protected] .