REFUGEES DIRECT DOCUMENTARIES FOR REFUGEES – Stories through the eyes of refugees

They are young people from five refugee countries. They learned the art of film making in order to record their own experiences about the refugee crisis. This is the documentary Home new Home, coordinated by Mr. Kostas Spyropoulos. The project is in progress, having now completed 60% of its target.

Mr. Spyropoulos said that this is a project that authentically records the emotions and the genuine reactions of the people who are experiencing the refugee crisis and the people who welcome refugees, in an attempt to capture the many different and contradictory truths.

Young children wanting to escape the conventional image created around refugees and immigrants were trained in cinematic narratives at intensive seminars in Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine by prominent directors and academics in schools, universities and refugee camps.

Project HOME new HOME aspires after its completion to travel from September to every corner of Greece, giving an educational opportunity beyond the classical public projections of films on the refugee crisis.