SCHULTZ: ECONOMIC PENALTIES TO THE COUNTRIES THAT REFUSE TO ACCEPT REFUGEES – The proposal by the head of the German Social Democratic Party

An Economic penalty in European countries that do not accept refugees and, on the contrary, additional support to coherent countries, the head of the German Social Democratic Party SPD and candidate Chancellor Martin Schultz asks.

Assuming he is elected as Chancellor in the fall,  the German politician wants the function of this issue to be conceived with the drafting of the EU budget. As reported in the report, according to a keynote paper to be presented by the head of the SPD on Sunday in Berlin and owned by the dpa agency, any EU Member State refuses to accept refugees should suffer worse economic treatment.

On the basis of what is mentioned in this document, after the September elections, the SPD intends to negotiate at EU level the question of the worst financial treatment of member states not participating in the distribution of refugees within the EU. On the contrary, States providing protection to many refugees in need of asylum should receive additional financial support, the report says.

States that fulfil their duty should, according to the SPD, receive financial assistance. “States receiving refugees should receive support, for example, for the construction of facilities, schools or health care benefits,” said Martin Schultz. In order to encourage the voluntary acceptance of refugees, additional financial support is needed for each country that takes a large part of the burden, the document states.