THE EU MEMBER STATES THAT REFUSE TO ACCEPT MUSLIM REFUGEES – Disputes over refugee relocation continue

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has ruled out the possibility of a common European immigration policy following the Warsaw meeting of the Visegrad Group leaders (Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia) and Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) ).

Last week, the European Commission launched the first stage of the preliminary ruling procedure against Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic for failing to comply with the Council’s decision in 2015 on the relocation of refugees from Greece and Italy.

“I doubt that there can be a unified, common European immigration policy, I see no possibility of that happening,” Orban said at a press conference after the summit.

Brussels has set a deadline in June in Warsaw and Budapest to start accepting asylum seekers mainly from Syria, Eritrea and Iraq, and pressure is being put on Prague after leaving the refugee relocation project.

The Hungarian Prime Minister argued that his government’s refusal to accept refugees and migrants aims to preserve the identity of his country.

Responding to his Hungarian counterpart, Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bétel said the EU’s principle is that “solidarity is not flexible”.

Finally, Polish Prime Minister Beatta Siddllo, in an interview with her country’s state television, said the wave of terrorist attacks in Europe is the result of irresponsible immigration policy.