UN CALLS FOR SUPPORT SOUTH SUDAN REFUGEES – Secretary-General’s visit to a refugee camp

A dramatic call for the end of the civil war in South Sudan was sent by the UN Secretary-General.

Antonio Guterres visited a camp of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda and praised the authorities and citizens of the country for their solidarity.

“I saw the Ugandan border open, I saw the doors of the Ugandan people open, I saw the hearts of the Ugandan people open. But not all the doors in the world are open. Not all refugees are admitted. Some are discarded, often from countries much wealthier than Uganda. So we have to look at this example and make it clear that the international community must unite and restore the integrity of the refugee protection regime in every corner of the world, “Guterres said.

Uganda hosts nearly a million refugees from South Sudan, mostly women and children.

The government has warned that the situation is at a marginal point and calls for immediate financial support from the international community.